︎ Outreach

In and about cities

Hosting activities in a ︎ Real Space

︎ What are the new triggers of shrinkage?
︎ How to increase mobility equity?
︎ How to support non-commodified values?
︎ What are the benefits of active mobility?

Our personal research

We conduct academic research in various European planning schools and write about the methods we used in our projects.

︎ What are the drivers of change in urban transformation?
︎ How biodiversity loss affects human wellbeing?
︎Using cultural analysis to map the intangible layers of cities 
︎ What are the modes of value production in cities?

M Gottdiener, L Budd, P Lehtovuori

︎ Practice

Urban research 

︎ In today's hybrid context of producing and contesting just urban spaces, we develop collaborative and inclusive approaches to allocate collective local assets and catalyse new ideas.

Tallinn ︎

On our desk today ︎



Making data meaningful

A complex data landscape requires finding the right balance between the big and the thick, the messy and the human. Data-driven narratives, emerging from complex data landscapes, can help communities exercise agency in their institutional contexts, especially when they are fresh, inclusive, and actionable.
︎Bridging the data relevance gap between the normative and the socially meaninful.

Working with the imaginary

Change is speeding up, and fast-changing societies are looking for new drivers of change attuned to the need for a systemic transition towards sustainability and improved well-being. We innovate design processes by harnessing the values of citizens' science and drive a paradigm shift in place-making.

︎Participatory design enables people to imagine their city's future, contributing to a fuller sense of citizenship and communal belonging.