︎ Impact

In and about cities

Hosting activities in a ︎ Real Space

︎ What are the new triggers of shrinkage?
︎ How to increase mobility equity?
︎ How to support non-commodified values?
︎ What are the benefits of active mobility?

Our personal research

We conduct academic research in various European planning schools and write about the methods we used in our projects.

︎ What are the drivers of change in urban transformation?
︎ How biodiversity loss affects human wellbeing?
︎Using cultural analysis to map the intangible layers of cities 
︎ What are the modes of value production in cities?

M Gottdiener, L Budd, P Lehtovuori

︎ Practice

Urban research 

︎ Strategic urban research and policy blueprints for equitable transformation in regions, cities and public space.
Tallinn ︎

On our desk today ︎


We are currently developing the Green Factor for the city of Tallinn together with landscape architectes from TalTech.

Our commitment to LINA platform to steer the architectural sector towards sustainable, circular and clean practices.

Making data meaningful

A complex data landscape requires finding the right balance between the big and the thick, the messy and the human. Data-driven narratives can help communities exercise agency in their institutional contexts.
︎Bridging the data relevance gap between the normative and the socially meaninful.

Working with the imaginary

Change is speeding up, and fast-changing societies are looking for new drivers of change attuned to the need for a systemic transition towards sustainability and improved well-being. We innovate design processes by harnessing the values of citizens' science and drive a paradigm shift in place-making.

︎Participatory design enables people to imagine their city's future, contributing to a fuller sense of citizenship and communal belonging.