ReCenter Narva

Co-creating the City of Narva's youth vision.


︎ Client: City of Narva
︎ Partner: Linnalabor

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How to mediate participatory design with the youth?

The new Narva master plan focuses on rethinking urban design to be increasingly attractive and liveable for the youth. A significant step in this strategy was to build the mental maps of the city as seen by young people and eventually give them agency to reimagine it. Yet, young people are elusive to traditional surveys, and they are challenging to engage in participatory planning programs.

For this project, we have teamed up with Linnalabor to innovate interactions between the youth and the participatory planning process using Maptionnaire and co-design workshop in local schools.
︎ 6 Schools
︎ 305 participants

We have established a three steps workshops with elementary schools and gymnasium in Narva: first, we educated the pupils on participatory planning, then we organised a series of exercises to map their mental image of the city and eventually, we concluded with a co-design session to reimagine the future of their city.  This vision of Narva became a strategic document that will help planners and designers to align their ideas with the ones from the youth.