Re:Center Jyväskylä

Activating the high-street community in a new participatory design program


︎ Client: City of Jyväskylä
︎ Partner: Toretei

︎ Report in Finnish compiled by Tampere University

How to democratise participatory design?

Participatory design is at the core of Finnish urban design and it is considered a standard practice in urban development. The power of participatory processes can only be fully realised when participants are given a common, expressive language to reimagine the cities they live in.

To improve and democratise urban design processes we need to bring get people, designers, and policy-makers talking to each other in one common language. To achieve that we partnered with [Toretei]({:target="_blank"} to build UrbanistAI, a participatory design process facilitated by human AI.

︎ 2 days
︎ > 30 stakeholders 

The two-day Recentre Workshop centred around a charette. On the first day, we present cartographic analysis, invited experts to share analytical frames of reference, and engaged the high-street community in a tour and a charette. The charette revolved around three elements: manifesto, vision, and timeline. On the second day, the results of the charette were synthesised and put online on a purpose-built website, and we came together to celebrate the shared vision.