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2022 • Trojan Horse • Narva, Estonia

Mapping Narva's digital landscape.

How do we understand urban form in a platformed world?

MetaMorphological research explores the form of the city by examining the shape of the urban environment and its cultural landscape, emphasizing the significance of technology and the rules of media platforms in the creation of urban loci. MetaNAR, a workshop within the (Re)configuring Territories program organised by Trojan Horse, was an attempt to apply this framework to Narva, a border town in East Estonia.

SPIN-Unit-2022-shrinkingcities-2 Social media images, mapped to a color map

The three-day workshop put tools — generative algorithims, and image-analysis and GIS software — and theory in the hands of the participants. Using the tools, we worked together in groups to map facets of the city’s digital footprint.

SPIN-Unit-2022-shrinkingcities-1 A snapshot of our space in the Narva Art Residency.

Team Members: Damiano Cerrone, John Hadaway

Project Lead: Damiano Cerrone

Project Partners: Trojan Horse